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Newport Beach Garage Doors is a local company run by a father-son team out of Orange County, Ca. With years of experience the company has come to specialize in the service and installation of custom garage doors. In this corner of the garage door market the team has specialized their craft and been able to provide a wide range of quality custom doors. With the full support of Ranch House Doors and a relationship built over very many years we are able to work with unmatched efficiency and install a quality of door that is not easily found. The passion that founded Newport Beach Garage Doors is shown on a daily basis in its commitment to customer satisfaction.


Contact info:

Tyler Little



Jack Little



Office location:

3407 Finley Ave.

Newport Beach, CA 92663



Ranch House Doors


Over 20 years ago Mike Neal started building custom wood doors in his garage in La Mirada, California. Those were the days, sawdust everywhere, loud machines and some truly beautiful wood creations.


Mike Neal always used to say “I love the smell of sawdust in the morning.” Who would have thought that his “little experiment” would blossom into one of the nation’s leading garage door manufacturers. Although Mike is no longer with us, passing away from cancer in 2002,  Ranch House Doors remains committed to his vision.


Ranch House Doors proudly produces garage doors, entry doors, interior doors, closet sliders, swing out garage doors, entry gates, pedestrian gates and even shutters – all with national distribution and a custom design team to help walk you through the process. We think Mike would be proud.


Mike Neal’s vision has given Ranch House Doors the distinct privilege of helping others maker their homes warm and beautiful while not compromising details or functions. Mike was a pioneer of the revival of handcrafted wood carriage doors. At Ranch House Doors we combine the architectural refinement and authentic appearance of carriage doors with state of the art manufacturing and construction processes that lead the industry.


Over the years, Ranch House Doors continued to be the leader in innovative design and engineering. We have introduced a dozen unique designs to the market place. We specialize in creating customized products based on your vision. We help your vision come to life.


At Ranch House Doors we continue to live by Mike’s motto, “If you can think it we can build it.” Ranch House Doors remains committed to making your ideas come to life and are honored to have the opportunity to make your home truly unique.


Corporate Office:


Ranch House Doors, Inc.

1527 Pomona Road 

Corona CA 92880


Company is now 100% owned by the Neal Family. (wife and children of the founder Mike Neal)


Ranch House Doors sells its products:

25% directly to home builders across the USA.  Their doors are on upper income homes across the USA.

30% directly through home re modelers and general contractors across the USA.   In Orange County their doors are the “upgrade” door of choice.

45% to Garage Door companies across the USA.


Ranch House Doors has approx. 29% of the Market Share in Southern California for Wood Garage Doors.   Ranch House Doors has approx. 8% of the market share across the USA for wood garage doors.


Ranch House Doors is the Mercedes Benz of garage door companies in the USA.   The high quality of their processes and wood species and the attention to detail have set them apart from their competitors for twenty years.   They are not the biggest and they do not want to be the biggest.   They want to be the best at what they do and they make great wood garage doors.


Garage Doors Design Options:

Liftmaster operator options:


8550w belt drive with Wifi and battery backup

-2 remotes and keyless included



8500 jackshaft (wifi compatible)

-2 remotes and keyless entry included

$550 ($30 optional wifi)


Service packages:


Motor service:

  • rail and belt adjustment
  • adjustment of motor force up and down
  • lube rail and gears

Door service:

  • check hinges and rollers for stress and tightness
  • balance door weight for less motor stress
  • lube springs and hinges/ all mechanical parts for noise reduction
  • safety check


available options are:

2 times per year- $140

4 times per year- $180


Decorative Hardware options:


Package A- 6” Pull ring set with 3 7/8” wide ring + 16” spear end hinge – $200

Package B- 6” pull ring set with 3 7/8” wide ring – $120

Package C- 10” pull handle + 16” traditional spear end hinge – $160

Package D- 6” Iron knocker + 16- 3/4 “ clavos – $168



Door pricing: 


design #1 (no window): $3550

design #2 (window SQ-15): $3900

design #3 (window SQ-6): $3900

design #4 (window SQ-7): $3900

design #5 (window SQ-4): $3900

design #6-A (pull ring + hinges): $3900 + $200

design #7-B (pull rings): $3550+ $120

design #8-C (pull handle + hinges): $3900 + $160

design #9-D (pull rings + clavos): $3550 + $168

design #10 full custom: $5500


All doors come with standard 12” or 15” radius track. For custom fitting doors with no room for standard track an additional $150 will be charged for low headroom track.


Vinyl option:

All doors include a vinyl weather seal for the exterior jams that comes in three different color ways; white, brown, almond.

Optional upgrade to wood weather seal, comes primed white for $145


Decorative Hardware Options:


Motor Options:


Ranch House® Doors warrants its doors for a period of one year from the time of delivery against defect in workmanship or material. All Ranch House® Doors must be properly protected and cared for according to the instructions and guidelines laid out by RHD® herein. All doors must be finished within 72 hours of receiving the door and due to the hygroscopic nature of lumber should not be stored in an unfinished state beyond this period. RHD® recommends that the garage doors are finished prior to installation as attempting to finish the doors while installed may compromise the finish of the garage doors and void the warranty.

Newport Beach Garage Doors warrants the installation of doors and motors for a period of one year from the date of installation.

Finishing Instructions for Paint Grade Doors:

Surface Preparation – All surfaces must be clean, free of dirt, grease, dust, or any substance/material that will prevent paint adhesion. Any scarring that occurs during the shipping, handling and installation process must be re-sanded and to be free from defect. All surfaces should be sanded with 220 grit or greater sand paper going with the grain only.

Paint Grade Doors must receive a total of three coats of paint on all six sides of the garage door. This includes one coat of primer and two coats of exterior grade finish paint. Both, latex or alkyd paints are acceptable. Some species of wood such as cedar and redwood require tannin stain blocking primers and paints to prevent the acid from bleeding through. Please be aware of this as bleed through is not considered a defect and will not be covered under this warranty. Follow all instructions included with the paint manufacturer as well, failure to do so will void this warranty.

Doors must be caulked on all horizontal areas to prevent moisture penetration and trapping. Failure to properly caulk the horizontal boards will void this warranty. Ranch House® Doors recommends Lexel® clear caulking applied over the paint. All v grooves or other areas that would allow moisture behind the trim must be filled.

Yearly inspection of all surfaces of the doors will reveal the extent of weathering and need for refinishing. If weathering has occurred complete refinishing may be necessary on a yearly basis.


Semi Custom Door Details:

Coronado design

Semi-Custom Door: 16-0 x 7-0 paint grade

FRAME: 1 3/8 Hem Fir, finger-joint
, Recessed Smooth Panels

INSULATION: 1/2” polystyrene

BACK: 1/4 luan plywood

HARDWARE: Standard Hardware 12/15 Radius Bracket Mount Track, Hardware Box, Tube, Struts, and Springs
, Drawing required prior to construction
, Door will be three sections

PRIMER COAT: 100% Acrylic, End Drilled Only



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